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Teach Your Kids to Embrace the Outdoors, Ward off Nature-Deficit Disorder

Written by Janice Russell

As a parent, you understand that your children have a right to a healthy and happy life. But should they have a right to nature? Given the growing problems around nature-deficit disorder, many experts believe that spending time outside is a crucial part of childhood development. So, if your little ones are currently devoting too much time to activities indoors, the Farm School shares some resources and tips that may help you spark a love of nature and outdoor exploration.

Educational Outdoor Activities to Try at Home

Just because your kids are having fun outside doesn’t mean they can’t be learning in the process. Here are some at-home activities to prevent NDD and promote learning:

Gardening with Kids: 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow

7 Mind-Blowing Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

Childhood by Nature: We’re Going on a Bug Hunt

Outdoor Activities to Help Kids Explore Nature

If you want your kids to develop a love for nature, you may need to think beyond your backyard. Try these recreational activities to spark an interest in exploring the great outdoors.

How to Introduce Kids to Birding and Nature

A Beginner’s Guide to Family Camping
Tips for Mountain Biking with Children

Nature Ideas for When Children Are Stuck Inside

Whether it’s winter weather or spring showers, sometimes getting your kids outside just isn’t possible. So, here are some fun ways to bring a little bit of nature into your home.

Container Garden Projects Kids Will Love

4 Birdfeeders Kids Can Make

Seed Sprouting … With Kids!

During the Week

Weekends and school breaks offer the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors or learning nature projects with kids. During a hectic work week, it’s harder to do, but you can supplement:

Enroll Your Children in the Farm School

Work Remotely? Commit to a Nature Break During Lunch

Essential Tips for Keeping Kids and Adults Safe in Nature

From your backyard and beyond, the world is filled with natural beauty that can benefit your children. It’s also filled with a few hazards, so keep your kids safe with these resources.

Outdoor Dangers and Safety Tips for Kids

Checklist for a Camping First Aid Kit

How Much Water Should Kids Drink?

Kids need to play outside in order to thrive in school and life! So encourage your children to be more curious about nature and the outdoors, to help them have better health and a better life.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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