Family Photo

Watching their two oldest children play in the dirt and take care of the farm animals, Jaclyn & Kenny Jenkins wanted to figure out a way how they can share this blessing with other families. One Day Farm was then created to teach children of all ages how to work the land in order to grow their own food and learn the responsibility of taking care of living things. Children will feel proud of their hard work and want to eat healthier, and maybe one day they will have a farm of their own. Soon after they partnered with their cousin, Allison Huff, and developed a nature-based preschool curriculum at Huff’s childhood home located in Hamilton, Va.

Meet the Farm Educators!


Hey Y’all! I, Allison Huff, am the lead teacher at Farm School. I am combining my teaching experience with our gift of our own backyard and environment. I have worked with children from birth to five and feel like each age group has their own accomplishments that make me proud that I get to follow my passion each day. I have my Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Development and over five years experience in a classroom setting. In my free time, I enjoy exploring local historic sites, camping and just spending time with my family. Welcome to the farm!

Good Afternoon! I, Kayla Phaneuf, work as an admin assistant with Farm School. I grew up in Berryville, VA and got my Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications. I have worked with kids since high school and love teaching them life skills, teamwork, and just having fun through sports. Currently, I coach youth and high school soccer in Clarke County. In my free time I like to read books, watch movies, work on my podcast Secondhand Film Critics, and play with my family’s dog, Charlie Chaplin.

IMG_5736Good Day! I, Rula Nassar, am originally from Jordan. I am a world traveler and my last stop brought me to Virginia where I live with my family. My husband and I have four children who love to explore the world around them. Luckily I found Farm School, where my third child Andrew attended and currently my fourth child Theodore is attending. Though I have two law degrees, I’ve always loved working with children, whether it was baby sitting my  cousins or volunteering at church. When I moved to the States I started subbing at LCPS and now teach at Farm School. My favorite thing to do with the kids is play, sing, and dance! In my free time I love painting, baking, hiking and reading.


Good Morning! I, Caitlin Plourde, grew up in West Virginia and love the outdoors. I have been to twenty-six of the fifty “highest points” marked for climbing in each state. I have worked with children since I was sixteen, nannying and babysitting, and now working with the kids at Farm School. My favorite thing to do with students is crafts. I love how easy it is to learn through cutting, matching shapes and colors, and teaching about different textures in materials. In my free time I enjoy gardening, writing, and playing Dungeon’s & Dragons with my friends.

Farm School has been working hard each day to continuously improve our mind, body, and souls. Check out all we have accomplished so far!