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Watching their two oldest children play in the dirt and take care of the farm animals, Jaclyn & Kenny Jenkins wanted to figure out a way how they can share this blessing with other families. One Day Farm was then created to teach children of all ages how to work the land in order to grow their own food and learn the responsibility of taking care of living things. Children will feel proud of their hard work and want to eat healthier, and maybe one day they will have a farm of their own. Soon after they partnered with their cousin, Allison Huff, and developed a nature-based preschool curriculum at Huff’s childhood home located in Hamilton, Va.

Meet the Farm Educators!


Hey Y’all! I, Allison Huff, am the lead teacher at Farm School. I am combining my teaching experience with our gift of our own backyard and environment. I have worked with children from birth to five and feel like each age group has their own accomplishments that make me proud that I get to follow my passion each day. I have my Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Development and over five years experience in a classroom setting. In my free time, I enjoy exploring local historic sites, camping and just spending time with my family. Welcome to the farm!


Elizabeth Emery webGood Afternoon! I, Liz Emery, have been an assistant with Farm School since the summer of 2019 and my favorite thing to do with the little farmers is to grow and learn through sustainable practices. I studied environmental science as well as wildlife and fisheries science. I believe that raising children with nature provides a much more down-to-earth perspective on developing personal integrity and self-worth. Growing up in Hamilton with my parents I was a leader at Girl Scout Camp, 4-H, and worked on local farms as well as the Loudoun County Animal Shelter. Outside of Farm School, I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming and traveling to new places.

stephanie_macleod_195x195Good Day! I, Stephanie MacLeod, am a retired LCPS teacher and have been a substitute with Farm School since the Winter of 2018. I have a BS in child development and a masters in special education. I have raised my 2 children here in Hamilton for over 25 years and now I care for my 2 shitzus and cat. I love showing children how to use their imagination, be curious, problem solve all while promoting empathy and cooperation as they explore and play. On the weekends I enjoy camping and going to the beach. I adore reading books and believe that teaching and service to my community is my legacy.

Julia Bay Photo

Good Morning! I, Julia Bay, have children experience while at the Community After School Program working with teachers, parents, volunteers, and students to help determine the needs of each child in the program. From there my husband and I were blessed with our first daughter, Mable. We moved here from Oklahoma City, OK in 2018 and we love going on adventures and traveling the world. I love taking kids outside and watching them work together and encourage as much laughter as we can muster.

Farm School has been working hard each day to continuously improve our mind, body, and souls. Check out all we have accomplished so far!